Develop web applications on Rails

For one, we’d rather set conventions than have endless configuration files. We try to decrease the number of decisions that a developer might need to make about simple things like urls, mapping between classes and database tables so they can focus on more complex things.
Our expert team builds lean and beautiful applications for everyone from startups to major corporations because we believe in testing, experimenting, simplicity and speed.

Development for iOS and Android

We are a tribe of young and innovative people united by an avid passion for everything mobile. We build innovative apps for startups and enterprises alike. We design and develop highly polished native apps for iOS and Android – and occasionally for Windows Phone – thus managing to launch mobile applications that users want and love to use.
All our applications have been very different in scope but we, at Attribes, are always up to date with latest frameworks, and plugins from the open source market. In short, we exclusively deal with development of compelling and technically strong applications.
Beyond our individual skills, another thing that is common in all of us is working with the client from scope elaboration to final approval. And needless to say, we are all very enthusiastic to develop your idea into a feature-rich, scalable and stable application.


Develop CMS and websites on PHP

We specialise in developing custom-built Content Management Systems and intelligent web applications that are rich in business logic and workflow. We incorporate Web Standards into all our work.
We also offer PHP development services that come with web solutions designed to ensure compatibility with present as well as future systems as well.
We make sure that your business services are kept on track with our secure and easily available PHP web applications, designed to ensure you assistance for a long time to come!

Web applications written in JAVA

Our experienced and mature team of Java engineers with proven methodologies deliver large scale enterprise applications with complex infrastructure needs. We understand and are proficient in designing robust scalable solutions.
If you plan to create a multi module and highly complex interactive web application, which is driven according to the principles of advanced business logic, then you need our developers and the latest Java technology!


Provide UX and UI design services

We create beautiful and engaging designs, matched only by the intuitive and innovative user interfaces that those designs are based on.
Attribes believe that user interfaces define user experiences. That’s why we can’t overestimate the importance of intelligent, attractive and intuitive user interface design.

Perform Testing and Quality Assurance

Unit tests, code reviews and QA testing are always part of our standard operating procedure to make sure your product is best in quality.
Given project requirements, we carefully fine-tune and apply our development and testing processes to ensure that your project ends up to best product within time and budget. Once the product is developed, tested and signed off by the customer, we deploy and make it available to public. We also provide time-specific product warranty.